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Balabushka Performance Chalk

 Balabushka Performance Chalk
Balabushka Performance Chalk
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Product Description

Balabushka Performance Chalk

Gain the confidence you need on the break with Balabushka Performance Chalk. This unique chalk blend is less dry and dusty than standard chalks, allowing it to adhere and embed into leather, phenolic and carbon fiber cue tips better than you've ever experienced before. You'll shoot longer between chalking, use less product on re-chalking, and will miscue less; even when using a super-hard break tip.

Features Formulated to be less dry and dusty than standard chalk Chalk bites cue ball better for decreased skidding Shoot 3-5 times between chalking Excellent for phenolic and carbon fiber break tips Reduces likelihood of miscueing on break Less messy than standard chalks Instantly improve your game Make tricky shots with confidence Available in packs of three cubes in blue only.

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