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Pool Table Movers Broward

Pool Table Moving Broward
Pool Table Moving Broward
Item# TDMSU-1
Pool Tabe Size:  Recover Pool Table During Move with Standard Cloth:  Recover Pool Table During Move with Simonis Tournament:  K-66 Bumpers:  Antique Pool Table: 

Product Description

Pool Table Movers Broward

Broward pool table movers, South Florida's premier pool table movers Broward. We have been moving & servicing pool tables in Broward, South Florida the Caribbean and Latin America for over 20 years.

Tear down move & set up a Pool Table Miami. We will disassemble pool table and load into our truck. Move pool table to new location. Help you to determine the best position for the pool table. Set up, level frame & each piece of slate to tournament standards, install cloth, and reassemble pool table for optimum play.

Pricing is an average for most cities in South Florida. Ground floor to ground floor moves less than 50 miles. Stairs, Elevators or 1 pc Slate, Antique or Custom Pool Tables will be more expensive. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment please feel free to call us 305-332-4412 or email info@drbilliards.com. Thank you, Dr. Billiards.

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