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Kamui 1.21a Chalk

Kamui 1.21a Chalk
Kamui 1.21a Chalk
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Product Description

Kamui 1.21a Chalk

New 1.21a chalk was engineered for even more consistent playability than Classic Kamui 0.98a chalk. This new formula has improved longevity and an even harder compound, which gives you more confidence in your pre-shot routine. This version also transfers even less of the compound to the ball for even better chalk retention. Like the classic 0.98a formula, Kamui's new chalk was designed with peak player performance in mind. This chalk features a much finer, sharper and more consistent material than standard chalk. This superior material "bites" into the surface of the cue ball better for maximum friction and a much larger sweet spot. This in turn decreases cue ball deflection for more accurate aim, even when extreme English is applied.

Features Chalk is not abrasive to your tip Coats super evenly Drastically decreases the chances of a miscue Stays on your tip longer than standard chalks for less waste Greatly increases friction between the ball and the cue Much more stable and playable than standard chalk Available as a single cube in blue only.

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