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Multicade Arcade Game with 60 Games

Multicade Arcade Game with 60 Games
Multicade Arcade Game with 60 Games
Item# Multicade-St-60
Regular price: $2,999.00
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Product Description

Multicade Arcade Game with 60 Games

All of your favorite classic video games from the 1980's in a full size authentic arcade game cabinet.

60 of the most popular 1980's classic video games including Ms. Pacman, Galaga, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Space Invader, Burger Time, Centipede, Phoenix, Mr. Do, Galaxian, Phoenix, Gyruss, Donkey Kong Junior, Zaxxon and dozens more.

Two year Manufacture warranty new Multicade games.

Every component is Brand New and of Top Quality:
Full-size Classic style upright cabinet.
Color Monitor
Four-way Joystick
2 inch Trackball
Authentic Arcade Buttons
Easy game selection using a scrolling on-screen menu.

The Trackball feature allows games like Centipede, Millipede, Arkanoid & Super Breakout to also have an authentic arcade game feel.

Free delivery with in home set-up is available in South Florida.

Full List of Games: 1942, 1943, 1943 Kai, Amidar, Arkanoid, Bomb Jack, Burger Time, Centipede, Congo Bongo, Crush Roller, Dig Dug, Dig Dug 2, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Donkey Kong 3, Frogger, Galaga, Galaga (Fast Fire), Galaga 3, Galaxian, Gun Smoke, Gyruss, Hustler, Jr. Pac-Man, Jr. Pac-Man (Fast), Jumping Jack, Juno First, King & Balloon, Ladybug, Mappy, Millipede, Moon Cresta, Mr. Do, Mr. Do's Castle, Ms. Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man (Fast), New Rally X, Pac-Man, Pac-Man (Fast), Pac-Man Plus, Pac-Man Plus (Fast), Pengo, Phoenix, Pinball Action, Pleiads, Pooyan, Qix, Scramble, Shao-Lin's Road, Space Invaders, Space Panic, Super Breakout, Super Cobra, Super Pac-Man, Tank Battalion, The End, Time Pilot, Van-Van Car, Xevious, Zaxxon,

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