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Imperial Spectrum Pool Table

Imperial Spectrum Pool Table
Imperial Spectrum Pool Table
Item# PT-SPE
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Product Description

Imperial Spectrum Pool Table

8' Spectrum in Velocity Pro Dark Green Cloth

 photo 2bf428cc-1c9e-4f9a-845b-1d80ba49b67c_zpsgaqo5ivu.png

 photo 935fc632-eafd-4e43-be5e-af601b39fba4_zpswn3a2aqp.png

 photo fd29df97-fc4c-4f05-a68f-9fffe9dd6b71_zps0t8zpwsn.png

8' Spectrum with Simonis Electric Blue Cloth

 photo 7b060f01-abdb-4264-99f9-032b11931b4f.jpg

 photo f1539554-4dc3-420a-a4e2-656ea1425c88.jpg

 photo 58e1c410-e224-4b47-b5db-0c265a6e139d.jpg


Spectrum 8' Slate Pool Table is for the futuristic styled game room.

 photo 20141209_133812_zpsfzqyy7cv.jpg  photo 20141209_133748_zpswzi2kfin.jpg  photo 20141209_133633_zpsa2ooiphj.jpg  photo 20141209_133544_zpsbt8soczz.jpg  photo 20141209_133430_zpswazsd2fv.jpg  photo 20141209_133331_zpsmj8firzx.jpg

 photo photo_zpsf13e56ee.jpg

No other table looks anything like it.

 photo 20130627_143930_zpsb1ad3ad8.jpg

 photo 20130627_144426_zps03fdf582.jpg

 photo 46ab8cbb-e826-45a7-bdf7-379305e9cd84_zps6433bcdf.jpg Photobucket
Spectrum features simple contemporary square styling with round chrome cylinder legs.
Its modern design and sturdy construction has made it a highly desirable addition to home game rooms.
Commercial quality means that this table will stand the test of time!
The Spectrum's rails are constructed with North American hardwood that is flash kiln dried maple or oak.

 photo 20160602_130244.jpg

-Heavy Gauge Metal Leg Supports
-Solid North American Maple or Oak Construction
-K-66 Master Speed Cushions
-1" Brazilian Slate: The strongest in the industry!
-MDF Rails with High Pressure Laminate Rail Cap


  • New Basic Play Pack
  • New Standard Cloth!

     photo 4225f4ee-1d7c-4da0-a9cc-0c30ae85325c_zpspaqanl3k.jpg

    Basic Playing Pack includes:

  • 2 One Piece Ramon Wood Cues
  • Plastic Triangle
  • Plastic Diamond
  • 12 pieces of chalk
  • Ball Set
  • 9” Nylon Brush

    Standard Cloth:

    Brite Colors are $40 extra*

     photo 12d2c831-4f8a-423b-b358-14a43b978e24_zps2um7o8yb.jpg


     photo a0e29816-717a-4c77-b088-875ec260d094_zpsbsz7uxt0.jpg

    Deluxe Play Pack



  • Plastic 15-ball rack
  • Plastic 9-ball rack
  • Four two-piece 57" cues with nylon wrap
  • Two-piece bridge cue with aluminum bridge head
  • Table brush
  • Plastic cover
  • 12-pieces chalk
  • Chalk holders
  • Basic pool ball set

     photo 12de5083-8a12-4eab-90cb-ef6ed4341a53_zps4kwuudjj.jpg

     photo 6dd1f349-d5ed-446c-b1a6-5b4242803ef8_zpsneepyc1f.jpg

    Premium Play Pack


    Available in Mahogany, Walnut or Black


  • Wood 15-ball rack
  • Wood 9-ball rack
  • Four two-piece 57" maple cues
  • Two-piece bridge cue with bridge head
  • Wood table brush
  • Wood rail brush
  • 8 Cue Wall Rack
  • Plastic cover
  • 12-pieces chalk
  • Chalk holders
  • Tip repair Kit
  • Rule Book
  • Ball Set

     photo 55f158d5-e1ac-4ca8-b738-39a6fabbf46d_zpsednolucm.jpg


    Dr. Billiards HC Platinum Kit


    Available in Black, Cherry, Walnut or Espresso


  • (4) Valhalla 2-Piece Cues
    -Available in: red, black, natural, pink, purple, teal or green
    -You can choose whatever weight: 18-21oz)
    *Would like more Valhalla cues? $40 each one*
  • (1) 2-Piece Bridge Stick
  • (1) Deco Wall Rack
  • (1) Heavy Duty Triangle
  • (1) Heavy Duty Diamond
  • (1) Glove (XS-XL)
  • (1) Brass Head
  • (1) CSB Ball Set (Aramith Crown Ball Set)
  • (1) Chalk Cue Holder
  • (1) Plastic Cover

    UPGRADE CLOTH $100: Velocity Pro Tournament Cloth

     photo Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 1.31.59 PM_zpsjlqfl8ze.png  photo Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 2.46.00 PM_zpsqwlsnqfy.png

    Please note that we do not have the following VPC colors available:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Olive
  • Spruce

    UPGRADE CLOTH $200: Simonis Professional Cloth

    Different types:

  • 860 (Most durable)
  • 760 (Fastest and only available in Tournament Blue or Simonis Green)
  • 860H (+$20 extra. Commercial use)

    Simonis is the truest playing cloth. This means that it will provide the best play possible on any table. The balls do not touch the slate or the rubber, they only touch the cloth.  Simonis Cloth is a combed worsted wool and high thread count assure long lasting wear. Nap-free. Will not peel or fluff.

     photo 36689819-54ab-4a2e-b208-ccbe332f5301_zpsdjegtk5p.png

    Professional installation is very highly recommended for this table!

    For a LIMITED TIME Professional Installation available for only $299 in South Florida (regular price $350).
      We can usually deliver & install this pool table with in 3-7 Business days in the Miami & South Florida Area.

      If it is going on a second floor, $50 extra.

      If you have any concerns or questions, please give us a call!


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